Farewell and Thanks

Dear members and friends of the Charleston Humanist Community,

We have decided to close down our operations. Those of us who volunteer to lead the group do not have enough time and other resources right now to organize events and keep the group running. Perhaps in the future we might be able to start up this group again. But for now, we regret that our events and presence in the community, such as it has been, will come to an end.

As many of you have recognized, it is hard to connect people around something as broad and abstract as humanism and non-religion, especially in an a largely religion-favoring culture like the one in which we live. Perhaps our future efforts to connect people in ways that honor humanism-related values such as community, compassion, and rationality may take other forms that have a more specific focus.

For now, our values of compassion and rationality are taking the form of honoring our needs for devoting our time and energy to our own families/close friendships and personal growth.

The Facebook group we’ve had for the last several years will remain open but will no longer be officially affiliated with this organization. It will instead be a casual Facebook group called Charleston Area Humanists.

Thank you for your friendship to us and to the CHC, and sincerest warm regards to you in wherever you are on your journeys of life,

Anna Eplin (CHC Leader) and Jackie Venus (CHC Co-Leader)

December 2018

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