Our Reinvented Blog and Other SHCC Updates

Hi everyone,

We’ve decided to reinvent our blog! Rather than only occasionally posting pieces of writing from our members, those sorts of posts will now be called “guest posts,” and we’ll focus instead on posting regular updates about what’s going on in our organization. These short-and-sweet updates will be a middle ground between our full, biweekly printed newsletters and our spontaneous short posts on Facebook and Twitter. See? We’re getting the hang of this social media thing!

Our Twitter account is new and still under construction, but if you’re on Twitter, please connect with us at @CharlestonSHCC.

We had a wonderful time at our July picnic on 7/26/14. Several new faces, an improved picnic shelter location, and great weather put us all in good spirits. We enjoyed great food and conversation, and it could be argued that we had our most efficient and yet laid-back community meeting (afterward) to date. It was just a really nice time altogether. We added a few photos from the event to our photo gallery, including the one below, though the photos only show about half of the people there and don’t adequately reflect the warm vibe we all felt—maybe because everyone in the photos was busy chowing down!


Stay tuned for our future weekly SHCC updates!


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