Recapping our Vision

We think it’s important to frequently recap our vision for the benefit of our current and new members, because what we’re doing is so unique and innovative that it doesn’t easily fall into understandable categories.

What we want is a new type of local community that’s all about the individuals: we picture the main organization, which we call the SHCC for Secular Humanist Community Center, as the hub of a wheel and also the outer, unifying material, while the spokes or rays that form the bulk of the wheel’s area are the SHCC sub-groups, where people of similar interests can connect and do what they do together.

We’re obviously not like a government-run community center, and we’re also not like a church (though that’s closer to being a match). A church is a top-down sort of structure, with the leaders making decisions (though the congregation votes their approval), determining the congregation’s direction, and preaching about how to live. By contrast, we’re a bottom-up structure: we’re about connecting people and enhancing their lives through all the benefits of community (without bringing religion into it), and their participation is propelled by their individual interests, through the sub-groups. We aren’t here to tell anyone what to do—we’re just here to help them do it!

We’d love someday for there to be tons of sub-groups (in the categories of social, educational, service, enrichment, and activism) to connect many different people in many different ways. We’d also love to have a physical location through which we could provide free meeting space for the sub-groups and also, ideally and down the road, provide various services for our surrounding community, as needed.

1 thought on “Recapping our Vision

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