Helping Hands Group Ready to Serve

By Artotem [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
The new SHCC sub-group Helping Hands had its initial organizational meeting last Saturday and is now ready to serve people in need.

The group’s first scheduled event will be Saturday, October 18, in the morning. They are tentatively planning to work on a service project at a disabled SHCC member’s house.

Anna Eplin, the group’s point of contact, writes about the meeting, “We had a great time discussing our mutual desires to volunteer our time and skills to help people in need and bring a bit of sunshine to their lives. We plan to not only assist people with household projects but also to sometimes volunteer at local charities together. We’re looking forward to helping people and—we won’t be afraid to say this—show that yes, non-religious people can do good, too!”

Want to Help?

For the SHCC members who weren’t able to come to the meeting but wanted to, Anna is planning to contact them each with details about getting involved as a Helping Hands volunteer. You are also welcome to contact her if you’d like to get involved: please see the information on the Contact Us page, and we’ll get you connected with her.

Need Some Help?

If you or someone you know who is disabled, sick, elderly, or otherwise needy could use some help with household projects (yardwork, cleaning, organizing, light repair projects), please contact us so we can get the Helping Hands group on the job!


Talk to Us

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