Fantastic First Helping Hands Event

We are pleased to report that the first event of the new SHCC sub-group Helping Hands was a great success. We went to a disabled SHCC member’s house and helped her with household projects, such as clearing out long-stopped-up gutters, scrubbing a very slippery deck to make it less treacherous, and doing many other much-needed cleaning, repair, and manual jobs. Plus, we had fun working together doing good!

The recipient of our help wrote us this thank-you note:

“Thank you so much for your help. It was obvious at the time that much was getting done, but I’ve had a couple of happy surprises since then as well. Your selfless donation of time and energy meant a lot to me. Since your visit, inspired by the boost, I’ve tackled some other tasks that have been waiting a while, which is very encouraging in itself.

My disabilities are probably not very obvious; it may seem like I get around well enough. I particularly appreciate your trust that I really did need the help.

You’re onto a very good thing. It was an extra privilege to be the first beneficiary of Helping Hands; I hope I’m just the first in a long line of people happy to have such generous assistance.”

She also noted, while we were working,

“You can’t pay for help like this!”

We look forward to many future jobs and enjoying doing good together.

IMG_0129 IMG_0120 IMG_0125

1 thought on “Fantastic First Helping Hands Event

  1. The picture of Jack digging a hole is priceless.

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