The SHCC Formula

CaptureThe concept of our organization sometimes seems confusing to people, but one simple way to understand it is to compare us with a new church:

  • We are like a church in that we are a structured community of likeminded people.
  • We are unlike a church in that we don’t worship, preach, or promote blind faith in an afterlife; instead our focus is on creating positive, religion-free community for our lives here and now. Our unifying belief is not about God but about the value of community—how it makes our lives better through friendships, shared resources, mutual help and networking, joint efforts, enjoyable activities, and a sense of belonging.
  • We don’t have our own physical building yet, but it is always the people, not the buildings, that actually make up a church.

So here’s our formula: Church – Religion + Extra focus on here-and-now community in our area = The Charleston Secular Humanist Community Center!

Or, if you prefer some shorthand: C – R + E = SHCC



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