Inspiration from A.S.H. Bash III


Thanks to everyone who came out to A.S.H. Bash III. We had a great turnout and a fantastic time. Check out the photos!

(In case you are just stopping by, A.S.H. stands for “Atheists, Skeptics, Humanists.”)

Special thanks to Jim Haught, editor of the Charleston Gazette, for his inspiring talk about our society’s steady growth towards non-religion.

Through our conversations at A.S.H. Bash, both informally and in our formal group discussion, we heard a lot of great ideas about how best to proceed with the Charleston Secular Humanist Community Center.

For example, because of your input, we are newly motivated to put in the time and effort to try to become a tax-exempt organization.  Another inspiring suggestion was to (eventually) launch a Kickstarter campaign for our goal of obtaining a building to be the headquarters for our community center.

But perhaps the most immediately helpful suggestion was to simply narrow our focus by focusing on one event at a time, rather than getting bogged down by our original concept of having a variety of sub-groups (social, educational, service, etc.) to serve and connect with a variety of people. We see now that that diversified focus has kept us from being effective at reaching out to our community. So for now, we are going to cut out the sub-groups and shift to an event-by-event mindset instead. This way, our main concept will be easier to understand, and we can focus our combined efforts on successfully bringing off one event at a time.

Finally, we were just very encouraged by all the enthusiasm at A.S.H. Bash for our mission of creating a secular community in our area. You said, “It’s hard, but don’t give up!” And we are saying, “Okay!”

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