Getting Organized: Events Planning Meeting this Sunday


Events Planning Meeting This Sunday
Since our helpful discussion at A.S.H. Bash III about changing our structure from a groups-based model to an events-based model, we are ready to get some new events on our calendar. (Any/all kinds of events–social, educational, service, etc.)

So we are having an events planning meeting this Sunday, August 30, 2015, at noon at Panera Bread’s meeting room at the Town Center Mall. We will try to keep the meeting limited to one hour.
Everyone is welcome to come and help us brainstorm! If you can’t make it, you can also suggest an event on our website (see below).
Updates to Our Website
We have added some new features to our website:
1. Member Bulletin Board: For those of you who are not on Facebook (or even if you are), you can now use this page to post and discuss items of interest to our community.
2. Suggest an Event page: We have added a form for you to suggest SHCC events.
3. Member Dues page: For those of you who would like to be a voting member of our community, the membership dues are $10 per year (due every June, prorated throughout the rest of the year). You can now pay online via Paypal, for either your dues or just as a donation. Your dues/donation helps cover the cost of event funds (reserving Coonskin shelters, buying supplies, etc.) and website and Meetup costs.
Humanist Quote
“Being a Humanist means trying to behave decently without expectation of rewards or punishment after you are dead.” – Kurt Vonnegut
Thanks again to all of you for your interest, support, and patience with us as we keep trying to get organized and off the ground!
Charleston Secular Humanist Community Center, Inc.

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