Anna Eplin, Chairperson

As a teenager, Anna devoted herself to passionate, ultra-conservative Christianity. After graduating high school in her native Charleston, West Virginia, she went to a missions-oriented Bible college in northern Wisconsin and completed a four-year degree in English education and Bible. But then she went through a time of deep depression and soul searching that led her to question her faith. Study, reflection, and travel eventually led her to abandon the Christian dogma she’d believed since her indoctrination as a child and to take up a reason-based worldview that she would later learn to call humanism. When she moved back home, she found she missed having the easy, structured community of a church, so she co-founded the Charleston Humanist Community with her friends Alicia Allyn Bobcheck and Jason Loveless.

Anna now lives with her husband and their three cats in the Kanawha City area. She works as an insurance agent and is pursuing a second bachelor’s degree online from West Virginia University. She loves to write, and among her other writing pursuits, she writes two blogs under a pen name, Sarrah J. Woods: A Bringer of New Things, a blog about personal growth, books, writing, and life in general, and My Post-God Life, about her experiences transitioning away from Christianity.

S. T., Co-Chairperson

You’ll have to come to one of our events to meet this fantastic CHC officer!

Lyndsey Thompson, Treasurer, Social Media Coordinator

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Correy Beard, Secretary

Correy grew up as a Christian in Cross Lanes, West Virginia.  She went to Sunday school and church every Sunday, attended church and choir practice on Wednesdays, went to week-long revivals and joined the Church’s Youth Group.  She got “saved” and baptized at the tender age of 10.  However, throughout her experience as a Christian, her very analytical mind always silently questioned the Bible and the belief system she was taught to embrace.  By the age of 20 she was beginning to turn away from organized religion, but she still believed enough in a God to be angry at him when she was informed that her beloved grandfather had cancer.  Some might say this traumatic event turned her away from God; but it didn’t.  It may well have been a catalyst but her coming into atheism occurred due to her critical thinking and analysis of the Bible and of her belief in a God. 

Correy now lives with her husband, two cats and a dog in South Charleston.  She is passionate about music and reading and greatly enjoys attending live music events.  She enjoys nature and traveling and plans to someday live near the ocean.  She was happy to find this organization because it has enabled her to tap into her desire to help others…to be a humanist.


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