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By scanned by User:Dschwen [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By scanned by User:Dschwen [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The Appalachian Freethinker is an upcoming quarterly journal that will be mailed and distributed to hundreds of readers throughout Appalachia via our contacts at groups such as humanist, atheist, and skeptic communities; Unitarian Universalist churches; and Secular Student Alliances, in addition to being distributed by hand throughout the Kanawha Valley of West Virginia and, as an e-version, throughout the world via our blog, social media, and email contacts. Our first issue will feature contributors from West Virginia, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania. The mission of The Appalachian Freethinker is “to promote critical thinking and provide content of interest to any and all freethinkers in Appalachia and beyond.” We want to offer interesting, thoughtful, and fun content to serve our under-represented but growing demographic.

We expect our readers to be people of all stripes and religious leanings, but particularly humanists, atheists, agnostics, skeptics, Unitarian Universalists, Quakers, and other varieties of freethinkers. The Appalachian Freethinker will support the values of learning and education, reason and rational thinking, skepticism and scientific inquiry, and compassionate, informed living.


Calling all writers, thinkers, artists, and armchair dabblers in anything: we want you! We seek thoughtful, high-quality, and ready-to-publish original content in a wide variety of categories, including (but not limited to):

  • History, philosophy, science, and other liberal arts subjects (pieces should not be technical but readable by a wide, generally educated audience)
  • Politics, religion/non-religion, opinion, current events and issues (we hope to publish a range of viewpoints)
  • Culture, arts, books
  • Stories, essays, poetry, original art (we are especially interested in black-and-white line art)
  • General-interest how-to, craft, and lifestyle articles
  • Local-interest pieces that are still have interest to a wider audience

 Other things to note about submitting:

  • Our maximum word count per piece is roughly 2000 words. There is no minimum word count.
  • Please include a short bio (2 – 3 sentences) to print alongside your work.
  • We cannot pay for published submissions at this time, but you will get a byline and a short bio.
  • We do reserve the right to reject any submission for any reason. (But we hope to publish as many of your pieces as printing space allows us to!)
  • We also reserve the right to make any editorial changes to submitted pieces as we see fit.

Submit your piece/s by email as an attached Microsoft Word document to

Other Ways to Help

Readers: you can pre-subscribe to The Appalachian Freethinker. We don’t have a price yet, but we expect it to be modest. To pre-subscribe, just contact us and we’ll get you added to the list.

Sponsors: donations of any amount are welcome to help cover printing costs, and we will list your or your group’s name (whichever you prefer) as a sponsor of The Appalachian Freethinker.

Group leaders:

  • Please tell your group about The Appalachian Freethinker!
  • If you will contact us with a list of your group’s upcoming events for the next several months, we will do our best to include each event in our calendar of freethinker-friendly events by region.
  • You will be able to order multiple copies of The Appalachian Freethinker at a discount (we don’t have a price yet, though it will be modest) to distribute to your group and in your area; we will print your or your group’s name as a sponsor if you do.

Business owners: we will be printing some ads, so please let us know if you are interested in buying an ad at a reasonable cost.

Questions or comments? Contact us!



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