Recommended Links

Here we’ve collected some relevant, interesting, informative, and fun online resources for freethinkers of all varieties.

Our list is only a start! If you have a link to recommend for this page, please contact us or leave a note in the comment form below. Thanks!

National and International Organizations

American Humanist Association
Freedom from Religion Foundation
American Atheists
Sam Harris’s Recommended Reading
Foundation Beyond Belief
International Humanist and Ethical Union

Local Organizations

Kanawha Valley Atheists and Agnostics – website
Kanawha Valley Atheists and Agnostics – on Meetup
West Virginia Humanists
Secular Coalition for West Virginia
Tri-State Skeptic Society
Morgantown Atheists
Morgantown Coalition of Reason

Some Recommended Freethinker Blogs

My Post-God Life
“Escaping the Cave and Adjusting to the Light”

Secular Chaplain
“A Natural Sanctuary for Freethinkers”

Friendly Humanist
“Trying to live by compassion and reason – thoughts on the journey”

“This site is all about ideas”

Why Evolution Is True
Blog of Why Evolution Is True author Jerry Coyne

Other Interesting and Informative Resources

Discrimination against and persecution of atheists:
Information from the International Humanist and Ethical Union

Just for Fun

Jesus and Mo cartoon

“Atheists Don’t Have No Songs” (Steve Martin)

1 thought on “Recommended Links

  1. Thank you for recommending my Secular Chaplain blog! A pleasure to be connected to a lively group in that part of the states. I would certainly hope that “building a good life on earth” would become a rallying cry (and quiet, daily practice) of millions. Good be with you!

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