Helping Hands

IMG_0129Helping Hands will provide free service—such as household cleaning and organization, yard work, basic repair projects, or other tasks—to anyone who needs it, as availability allows, aiming especially to help the disabled, elderly, sick, and poor. We will also occasionally volunteer at local charities.

Our disclaimer: “We will not be liable for accidental damages to your property, and you will not be liable for accidental injuries we sustain.”

We will aim to use common sense and shared knowledge as we work.

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Blog post 9/19/2014:
Helping Hands Group Ready to Serve

Blog post 11/2/2014:
Fantastic First Helping Hands Event 

Want to Help?

Please, contact us, and we’ll get you in touch with the Helping Hands group leader, Anna Eplin. IMG_0120

Need Some Help?

If you or someone you know who is disabled, sick, elderly, or otherwise needy could use some help with household projects (yardwork, cleaning, organizing, light repair projects), please contact us so we can get the Helping Hands group on the job!

Upcoming Events

To be announced

Past Events

10/18/14: First Helping Event

9/13/14: Organizational meeting

Talk to Us

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