Women’s Action Group

A new SHCC sub-group, the Women’s Action Group will connect women for discussions, craft nights, potlucks, projects, and other events.

More information to be posted soon.

You can contact us for more information sooner!

Upcoming Events

To be announced

Past Events

November 27, 2014: “What on Earth Are You Thankful For?” at Charleston Artwalk

September 18, 2014: Women’s Craft Night

August 12, 2014: Women’s Craft Night

From Alicia Allyn Bobcheck, group leader:

During the Women’s Craft Night we had a long discussion about sending prayers for those in need. It’s a socially accepted salve that does nothing to alleviate a painful or uncomfortable situation except to make those involved feel as if something has been accomplished. Those in distress know they are loved and those loved ones feel as if they’re helping in some way. As nonbelievers, this leaves us in a tricky place– we know that prayer is useless but we feel as if we have nothing else to offer. We started brainstorming some ideas for concrete ways to help our friends and loved ones when they’re in need. Here’s a couple we’ve come up with:

-Bake a casserole
-Write them a letter
-Offer to babysit/dog sit/clean their house
-Give them a ride
-Make some time for them (take a walk, get a coffee, watch a movie)
-Donate to a charity in their name

Please post more suggestions in the comments box below!

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